Black Jack Reef Crack®
               Complete Reef Nutrition & Vitamin Supplement

About us at Black Jack Reef Crack®

We are not a big company that mass produces food in a big factory, we are just local reefers like yourself trying to provide you with a very high quality product. We don't put anything in our food that we don't put in our own tanks, and go to extreme lengths to ensure our product is consistent and fresh.

Let me give you a little background about us and our product. I have been in this hobby ever since I was small kid. For those of you that know me that is a very long time ago. I have had reef tanks off and on since the late 70's and have always made my own food. Over the years the availability of aquarium related items and supplies have become more mainstream. When we started our first reef tank in 1978, it was very hard to get food or even MH lighting. There was no internet, because Al Gore hadn't even invented it yet.

Anyway, this brings me to the point that we have made and tested many different versions of food over the years. We have produced what we feel is a quality (Complete Reef Nutrition & Vitamin Supplement) product. This is the only thing we feed our tanks. It is designed to feed a wide variety of marine species. We were asked by many of our friends to make it for them and they loved it so much that we kept making it. 

Which brings us to today. We love this hobby so much that we wanted to give back to the Reefing Community by offering a very high quality product at a very reasonable price.

Thanks, Jeff & Susan